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Can you drink distilled water and what should you know about this?

Drinking water is very important for our body system because it helps us keep hydrated that is why it is served every meal and in between meals. Let’s say that it will help you survive no matter how hot the weather is, especially when you have activities outdoors, such as running, fishing, hiking, cycling, and jogging to name a few. A lot are asking though, is it ok to drink distilled water? This has always been a concern among individuals with health issues and for some meticulous people who have doubts about this.

We all know that we have options when it comes to our drinking system that’s why some of them install filters at home, while others used to buy the bottled mineral or purified ones. As a consumer, we have all the right to choose, especially when we are given options but we need to consider our health issues and concerns, too, so we must know how it can benefit us. Aside from that, it would be great if we can also learn about the potential risks that a particular substance may bring us to know if it is safe.

In my opinion, we can drink liquid substance from any source as long as it is not contaminated with harmful bacteria which makes it unsafe to consume. Indeed, this is the primary reason why a lot of homeowners would like to install a filtration system in their place and this is a good idea since we are not sure about the cleanliness of tap water. So for those who prefer distilled ones, it is still best to learn more about this and look for other or better options if needed.


If you are going to drink this liquid substance, then you will notice that the taste is somewhat flat due to the absence of natural minerals and harmful metals – visit https://analyteguru.com/top-four-toxic-metals-in-water-facts-and-testing/ for more info on toxic metals. However, it is far better than beverages like soda which contains sugar or calories that may also harm you, especially when you are suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure. I know that we need to keep hydrated but we should learn to choose what we consume to make sure that we are far from risk.

Aside from distilled, you may be drinking other kinds which include spring, well, or tap water, and each of these has benefits and risks. What makes the distilled one different is the fact that it is purer because the liquid substance was boiled in the first place and collected by steaming. It is indeed pure and the process done is good in removing impurities but when minerals and micronutrients are lacking, then you should consume food or supplements for the lost essentials.

People have different views about distilled water and we should respect that. For example, some people believe that this will be helpful in cleansing or detoxifying the body from various unwanted chemicals and I guess this has to be proven by experts first before relying on it, though simply drinking can be fine.

What about distilled water?

No matter what type of liquid substance we drink, it will always contain nutrients, minerals, contaminants, and other impurities. Again, with distillation, such contents including metals and other inorganic compounds are removed that’s why it pure, though with a flat taste. But you should know that it is also purified and what makes it different is the process used in purifying it just like how your filter systems at home differ.

Do you know that distillation is a quite complicated process but is already an old technique used in purifying liquid substances? You will need a machine that is specifically designed for distillation that’s why trying this at home is somewhat complicated and difficult to achieve. But most towns that are located near the ocean need facilities to treat and distill the water when they will use it for drinking.

Can you drink distilled water?

Drinking this moderately is safe, especially when it is for maintaining a well-balanced diet that’s why you can even find beverages with this content. However, if you are persistent at drinking this type only, then you may have to experience potential health issues after some time. That is because the essential needs of your body system are lacking in minerals and this may lead to unbalanced levels of pH, fluid, and electrolytes to name a few.

If you are an athlete, fasting, a cancer patient, infant, or toddler, then you have to avoid this type so that you can avoid suffering from an electrolyte imbalance. However, you may still drink this as long as you have other sources of nutrition in your diet or meal plan. And then, you may also mix this with other liquid substances, which won’t be a problem because drinking is important for us – this site will tell you why.

Are there risks?

I supposed the primary risk here is the lack of adequate minerals like calcium and magnesium so if this is your preferred type, then make sure to have other sources of the said minerals to protect your bones. There are other adverse side effects and one is the flat taste which is quite less appealing that’s why some individuals reduce their consumption and may lead to dehydration. When you work out or have outdoor activities, you sweat a lot, especially during the summer so minerals are lost and cannot be replaced when consuming distilled ones.

The fluid that our body lost through urine, tear, or sweat comes with sodium, too, and this must be replaced but again, additives were all removed during distillation. So we need other nutritious sources because this will also affect the metabolic function of the body system, which had been decreased.

When you are fasting by drinking distilled only, it may put your health at risk, especially when you have plans of doing this for a long time. You may get sick because you will develop a weak immune system since you will lack essential body needs. I guess, you better consult an expert for a better diet plan that will take you away from danger.