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Can you drink distilled water and what should you know about this?

Drinking water is very important for our body system because it helps us keep hydrated that is why it is served every meal and in between meals. Let’s say that it will help you survive no matter how hot the weather is, especially when you have activities outdoors, such as running, fishing, hiking, cycling, and jogging to name a few. A lot are asking though, is it ok to drink distilled water? This has always been a concern among individuals with health issues and for some meticulous people who have doubts about this.

We all know that we have options when it comes to our drinking system that’s why some of them install filters at home, while others used to buy the bottled mineral or purified ones. As a consumer, we have all the right to choose, especially when we are given options but we need to consider our health issues and concerns, too, so we must know how it can benefit us. Aside from that, it would be great if we can also learn about the potential risks that a particular substance may bring us to know if it is safe.

In my opinion, we can drink liquid substance from any source as long as it is not contaminated with harmful bacteria which makes it unsafe to consume. Indeed, this is the primary reason why a lot of homeowners would like to install a filtration system in their place and this is a good idea since we are not sure about the cleanliness of tap water. So for those who prefer distilled ones, it is still best to learn more about this and look for other or better options if needed.


If you are going to drink this liquid substance, then you will notice that the taste is somewhat flat due to the absence of natural minerals and harmful metals – visit https://analyteguru.com/top-four-toxic-metals-in-water-facts-and-testing/ for more info on toxic metals. However, it is far better than beverages like soda which contains sugar or calories that may also harm you, especially when you are suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure. I know that we need to keep hydrated but we should learn to choose what we consume to make sure that we are far from risk.

Aside from distilled, you may be drinking other kinds which include spring, well, or tap water, and each of these has benefits and risks. What makes the distilled one different is the fact that it is purer because the liquid substance was boiled in the first place and collected by steaming. It is indeed pure and the process done is good in removing impurities but when minerals and micronutrients are lacking, then you should consume food or supplements for the lost essentials.

People have different views about distilled water and we should respect that. For example, some people believe that this will be helpful in cleansing or detoxifying the body from various unwanted chemicals and I guess this has to be proven by experts first before relying on it, though simply drinking can be fine.

What about distilled water?

No matter what type of liquid substance we drink, it will always contain nutrients, minerals, contaminants, and other impurities. Again, with distillation, such contents including metals and other inorganic compounds are removed that’s why it pure, though with a flat taste. But you should know that it is also purified and what makes it different is the process used in purifying it just like how your filter systems at home differ.

Do you know that distillation is a quite complicated process but is already an old technique used in purifying liquid substances? You will need a machine that is specifically designed for distillation that’s why trying this at home is somewhat complicated and difficult to achieve. But most towns that are located near the ocean need facilities to treat and distill the water when they will use it for drinking.

Can you drink distilled water?

Drinking this moderately is safe, especially when it is for maintaining a well-balanced diet that’s why you can even find beverages with this content. However, if you are persistent at drinking this type only, then you may have to experience potential health issues after some time. That is because the essential needs of your body system are lacking in minerals and this may lead to unbalanced levels of pH, fluid, and electrolytes to name a few.

If you are an athlete, fasting, a cancer patient, infant, or toddler, then you have to avoid this type so that you can avoid suffering from an electrolyte imbalance. However, you may still drink this as long as you have other sources of nutrition in your diet or meal plan. And then, you may also mix this with other liquid substances, which …

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7 Things About Corporate Catering Your Boss Wants to Know

Many businesses host various events throughout the year that require the use of a catering company to provide meals both to employees and guests of the company. Providing an excellent meal can really set the tone for the event overall. Management, of course, wants to be well represented by the events that they host. Here are seven different things to keep in mind for anyone working on planning a corporate event, complete with meals for those in attendance.

  1. It is important to find a caterer that can accommodate a wide variety of dietary restrictions. Consider meal options for guests that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or otherwise. Many caterers can work with a variety of different menu options.
  2. A reputable client will be able to provide references and reviews. It’s important to look for caterers who have experience specifically in doing corporate catering, as opposed to restaurants and companies who may have dealt with other types of events. Hearing from past satisfied customers is important to making the right selection of caterer.
  3. Remember that the event is more than just food. Some companies may be able to provide things like linens, tables, chairs, and other basic necessities for any sort of corporate hosted events. However, it is important to know exactly what the catering company will be providing. For more formal events, find out if they can provide servers and wait staff. Certain meals may require special equipment to keep everything hot. It’s important to not only confirm what type of food is provided, but also the types of other services.
  4. The overall schedule of the day is also important to a smooth corporate event. The catering company should be able to provide a general timeline of what their service involves. Depending on the location, menu, and number of guests, the company will need a designated amount of time to both setup and tear down the food. Employees of the company will also need to know whether they will have an location to stay on site during the meal portion, or if they’ll be expected to leave and come back. The expected dress code of any staff, whether they’re merely setting up and tearing down equipment, or they’re providing table service at the event, is also important to discuss with the catering company.
  5. In addition to experience doing catering at corporate events, it is also key to find a catering company that has experience catering certain types of environments at different types of locations. Catering a small breakfast in a hotel conference room is very different than catering a holiday party at a more upscale event venue. Finding a catering company that has dealt specifically with the type of event that is being planned is key.
  6. Naturally, the overall budget is one of the first things to review with the catering company. It is important to ask about any additional fees, such as costs for things like napkins and condiments. In addition, sometimes there are set up fees, delivery fees, and gratuity.
  7. Consider how versatile the corporate catering company is. Finding a quality company can be time consuming, and it is helpful to have one company that a business is comfortable working with on a longer term basis. Consider a company that is able to accommodate a wide variety of different types of events and different types of menu options. This way, once a business forms a relationship with a catering company, they can rely on that company for many events in the future.

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Selling Alcohol in Texas: Your Ultimate Guide

So you want to get into the alcohol business? That’s great, but you have your work cut out for you. There’s some legwork you need to take care of before you can start selling.

The biggest step to take is getting your alcohol license. Follow the three steps below to become licensed to sell alcohol.

1. Get Your License Packet

To get an alcohol license Dallas TX, you need to fill out a lot of paperwork. Head to your local alcohol beverage commission office to find all the forms you need to fill out.

You need to fill out all the required information and send it back to the office. Make sure to account for up to 60 days to hear the results of your request.

2. Get Ready for Your Inspection

Before you get your alcohol license, your store location will need to be inspected. The alcohol beverage commission will be the one who carries out the inspection.

Make sure to prepare for your inspection beforehand. Study all the requirements for selling alcohol in Texas to make sure you don’t have problems when the inspector comes.

3. Attend Your Licensing Hearing

The final process of getting your alcohol license is to attend your hearing at your county courthouse. The alcohol commission will present the information they found for the judge to review.

After all the information has been presented, the judge will decide on your license. If you think you may have problems, then bring a lawyer along to represent you during your case.

Don’t Ignore Your Alcohol License

Don’t make the mistake of selling alcohol without a license. If you start without getting licensed, you run the risk of being fined and shut down. Make sure to follow the steps above so you can start selling the right way.

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Delicious Australian Souvenirs You Should Buy

Souvenirs are one of the great ways to keep memories of your travelling experience. It also makes a nice gift for friends or family members and can be a way of telling them that you are not once forgetting them during your trip. While accessories make a great souvenir, it doesn’t have to be such items every time. Food also makes good souvenirs as it can give a little insight to your friends on how unique the original food taste of certain country is.

Australia has several unique foods you are going to love. Therefore, it can make a good gift especially for those who haven’t got the opportunity to visit this country. If you are coming from outside Australia, you and your friends will love these delicious Australian souvenirs.

1. Beerenberg Tomato Sauce

The first delicious treat in this list is the Beerenberg Tomato Sauce. This is a big and famous family-run company that exports various type of food including jams, sauces, honey, and preserves. The tomato sauce is one of their popular products which is made of a secret recipe that blends tomatoes, apples, chili, and spices. This blend creates a delicious sauce perfect for fish or chips.

2. Vegemite

Vegemite is a famous spread from Australia. Australian people usually use this spread with bread eaten as breakfast or added to gravy or stocks to add and enhance their flavor. This spread is naturally high of MSG, giving it a savory and salty taste. It almost looks like Marmite from England, but Marmite is commonly sweeter and runnier.

3. Bickford’s Lime Cordial

Another delicious Australian souvenirs worth to purchase is the Bickford’s Lime Cordial. The company has been around since 1840 and known for the best cordial, syrups, and other various drinks. In fact, this company has two award-winning products that will be perfect as a gift, which are their Lime Cordial and Iced Coffee Mix.

4. Maggie Beers’ Fruit Paste

Maggie is a popular name that highly associated with Australian cuisine. She has more than 30 years of cooking experience including restaurants, cookbooks, and various food items including ice creams, pastes, stocks, and many more. One of its popular and a must-try product is her fruit paste which comes in various flavors such as quince, fig, and plum.

Those are some delicious Australian souvenirs you can consider if you don’t know what to buy for your friends or family members. Although it will not last long, it can give your friend a little insight into how some Australian food tastes like.…

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Getting Your Catering Career off the Ground

If you enjoy cooking for large groups and you’re organized, then consider starting a catering business. You can set your own hours and usually serve the foods that you believe would be enjoyed by the guests at the event. Following a few simple tips can get you on the road to success preparing foods for everything from holidays to birthday parties and anniversaries.


When you begin your business, you need to think about how much money you need to invest. If you plan to start from your home until you can begin making a profit, then you won’t have the overhead that you would if you were to begin your business in a store. However, you need to purchase all of the pans, pots, and other supplies that you’ll need to prepare foods and serve items at the event. When you begin offering any type of catering perth residents can enjoy, consider the prices that you’re going to charge. Rates should be consistent with the types of foods you prepare and the length of time you’re going to be at the event.

Stay Real

Even though you want to build your business and start making money, you need to set goals that are realistic instead of those that you can’t reach. Avoid accepting catering orders that require you to prepare food for dozens of people at a time as you want to slowly build your business so that you can determine what you’re skilled at doing and what you need to work on for the future. Also, larger events will usually require more space than you likely have in your home so that you can get everything prepared and organized before it’s delivered to the venue.


Decide on a menu of foods that you know you’re able to prepare. However, try to keep your menu flexible so that you can deliver the foods that your customers want. If you’re unsure of how to prepare something, be honest with your customers. Offer another item that is similar so that they still get the foods that they want at the event. Consider special menus for holiday events and for special occasions, such as weddings.


One of the important details about starting a catering business is to visit various venues in the area where meals might be served. This will give you a good idea as to what to expect when you set up tables or where you can cook at if you need to prepare a few things at the last minute. You’ll also be able to see if the venue has the electrical components and the other features that you need to properly serve the guests.


Try to have at least two or three people on hand who can offer assistance when you’re cooking and getting everything organized for each event. Designate tasks for each person to perform, such as putting foods in containers or setting up each container at the event. If you’re organized, then you’ll likely have a successful catering career.

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It’s Time to Learn How to Cook

If you want to eat healthier and better-tasting food, then you need to learn how to cook at home. You can make anything you want at home when you find a recipe and get the right equipment and ingredients for it and learning to cook will be exciting because of all of the possibilities. So, start as slowly as you need to and get used to working in the kitchen so that you can start eating better food all of the time.

Learn How to Make Your Favorite Food

Start with a recipe for one of your favorite dishes, such as spaghetti or meatloaf, and try to master it before you move on to another recipe. It might take you a while to learn how to get the meatloaf flavored just right or how long to cook the noodles, but once you learn how to make your favorite dish, you can cook it as often as you like. And, that will make you excited because the dish will taste great and will be much cheaper than eating out.

Get Used to The Basics of Cooking

Start with the basics as you learn to cook and perfect your knife skills or learn how to make simple foods like rice, tacos, and roasted veggies. Once you get used to making simple recipes, you can add a few extra few steps and make a stir fry or another more complicated food that appeals to you. And, you will feel excited each time that you learn something new in the kitchen because you know you will be able to use that skill for many recipes and years into the future.

Try Out Many Forms of Cooking

You don’t have to stay in your kitchen when you are cooking, but you can try something different and buy a grill. You can learn how to do Skirt Steak Grilling to impress all of your friends when you have them over. And, you can learn how to grill various other foods, such as corn, pizza, or chicken, too, so that you can throw anything onto the grill anytime that you feel like getting outside to do your cooking. The grill will come in handy for parties or any day that you want something different.

Buy the Freshest Food So It Will Taste Great

When you shop for your ingredients, try to buy the freshest items possible. Shop the farmer’s market or at any local food stands so that you can get fruits and vegetables that have just been picked and taste nice and fresh. And, buy your bread from the bakery or bake it yourself. Get all the right ingredients, and you will appreciate how everything tastes when you put it together. Buying fresh ingredients will make you feel like an even better cook than you are, and you will be excited to try out new recipes based on the fresh ingredients that you find. So, have fun while you shop for food and pick out ingredients that make you excited.