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Selling Alcohol in Texas: Your Ultimate Guide

So you want to get into the alcohol business? That’s great, but you have your work cut out for you. There’s some legwork you need to take care of before you can start selling.

The biggest step to take is getting your alcohol license. Follow the three steps below to become licensed to sell alcohol.

1. Get Your License Packet

To get an alcohol license Dallas TX, you need to fill out a lot of paperwork. Head to your local alcohol beverage commission office to find all the forms you need to fill out.

You need to fill out all the required information and send it back to the office. Make sure to account for up to 60 days to hear the results of your request.

2. Get Ready for Your Inspection

Before you get your alcohol license, your store location will need to be inspected. The alcohol beverage commission will be the one who carries out the inspection.

Make sure to prepare for your inspection beforehand. Study all the requirements for selling alcohol in Texas to make sure you don’t have problems when the inspector comes.

3. Attend Your Licensing Hearing

The final process of getting your alcohol license is to attend your hearing at your county courthouse. The alcohol commission will present the information they found for the judge to review.

After all the information has been presented, the judge will decide on your license. If you think you may have problems, then bring a lawyer along to represent you during your case.

Don’t Ignore Your Alcohol License

Don’t make the mistake of selling alcohol without a license. If you start without getting licensed, you run the risk of being fined and shut down. Make sure to follow the steps above so you can start selling the right way.